DIY heart dress HERE, Night Venus gemstone necklaces, Boohoo suede heels.

Only two weeks late with this, the weather hasn't been on my side



Valentines day is just around the corner so I thought I'd so a simple little DIY for the occasion. Not only is this super easy but extremely cheap too! Lets get started...

What you will need:
- Plain coloured dress (Similar here)
- Craft foam (any colour)
- White acrylic paint or fabric paint
- paintbrush, pencil and scissors

Step 1:
Decide how big you want the pattern to be and draw out a heart shape onto the craft foam

Step 2:
Carefully cut out the shape and paint a thin layer of acrylic paint over it. Then place the stamp onto the fabric and add pressure. Continue this step on the rest of the garment to complete the pattern.

Step 3:
Give the hearts a second coat of paint starting at the top of the garment. Once you've painted the first row, water down the paint slightly with water and then move on to the second row. Keep doing this until you have reached the desired pattern.

And you're done!

Easy right? If you decide to give this a go I'd love to know how yours turned out! Thanks for reading :)



Missguided galaxy skater dress, No Doubt wedge sandals, Irregular Choice clutch bag

England has been flooded for weeks and we are quickly turning into swamp monsters.



I haven't done a DIY in a little while and thought the blog was due for another one. This is one of many easy home made eye masks that I use on a regular basis. The ingredients can help moisturize the delicate under-eye skin and reduce puffiness while giving your skin a good dose of vitamins.

What you will need:
- Banana
- Potato
- Green Tea (any kind)
- Circular Cotton Pads
Step 1:
Place the potato and half of the banana in a bowl and mash them together to create a paste.

 Step 2:
Add the green tea to a cup of boiling water and leave to cool down. I've used organic gunpowder green tea but you can use what ever type you want. Once cool pour the tea into the banana and potato mixture. It doesn't really matter if you drain the tea or not.
Step 3:
Cut the cotton pads in half and place them in the bowl for a few minuets to let them soak the mixture up.  
And you're done!
Place the pads under the eyes for about 20 mins and let them do their work. The moisture of them should keep them on your face without you having to hold them on. You can make a fair amount of them at once and store them in an airtight container in the fridge. I wouldn't store them for too long though as they may start to go off.

I hope you found this helpful. If you decide to give this a go I'd love to know how yours turned out! Thanks for reading :)



Boohoo crop top, Urban Apparel disco pants, Zara Clutch

I've had enough of this torrential rain. Maybe if I pretend it's summer hard enough it'll come true.


Oh Land

H&M coat, Missguided dress, Unisa shoes, River Island necklace

For once I actually have an excuse for not posting in a while. I was in Bournemouth doing some work experience at Createful. I shall use my newly found knowledge of HTML and CSS to redesign my blog after Christmas.
This H&M coat was from last years Lana Del Rey Autumn collection. Its a lovely coat but I am always so scared to wear it outside in case it gets stained. I would love to wear more white clothing but i'm just too clumsy! Hope you are all well :)



Haven't done a post in a while. I suddenly felt really motivated to do some artwork and decided to make the most of it. Luckily I think the motivation is here to stay so I will try and balance out my time a bit better so I can do more blog posts. Thought i'd get back into the swing of things by doing a simple skincare routine post. All products have been bought by myself.
I've been using Lavera's organic lemon balm and mallow cleansing gel each morning along with Liz Earle's pure muslin cloths to wash the product off. Every Sunday however I substitute the cleansing gel for Burt's Bees 100% natural peach and willowbark deep pore scrub. This scrub is amazing! Smells great and makes my skin feel amazing. I have very dry, sensitive skin  that reacts badly to a lot of products but I have had absolutely no problems with this one. I wouldn't use it more then once a week though as it could graze the skin slightly if overused.
I love Botanics products! I have used them for years but have recently stopped as I've been converting to natural products. When I found out they did a 100% organic toner I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! The spritz bottle makes it really easy to apply without wasting the product. I use a cotton wool ball immediately after applying the product to gently smooth it over the face and neck and remove any excess. I find if I don't do this it can start to peel off when applying makeup.
As winter is coming and my skin has already started to feel dry, I am using Lavera's organic shea butter and almond all-round cream. It is a very thick cream so not great for all year round but fantastic for the Autumn/winter months if you are prone to dry patches like myself. You get a lot of product for your money and I can not recommend it enough! I've also been using Burt's Bees Radiance eye cream. Although this is a little expensive it is a fantastic eye cream. I've had mine for over a year and still have plenty left. You need such a small amount and a little goes a long way. I've used cheaper eye creams in the past but needed a lot more product per application so in the long run they were more expensive.
Lastly I coat my lips with Burt's Bees natural beeswax lip balm. This is one of my favorite products of all time. It can feel a little tingly when first applied but you soon get used to it with regular use. It moisturizes dry lips in no time and the tin lasts ages.
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